Monday, January 7, 2013

Back again

I thought it was about time that I started keeping up my blog again. So much has changed since my last post in <gasp>July 2007. Jobs have come and gone, and my pony, Sneakers (the original Sneakypony), crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last summer at a ripe old age (between 34 and 38, according to the vet). He's sadly missed by me and many others.

2012 was a year of change. My daughter's relationship broke up, so she lost the farm. Many of the horses were adopted or sold, she had a big garage sale to clear out some of the stuff, and she moved. I completed my Project Management certificate, an Advanced Excel course, and started looking for work.

My ponies moved to a boarding stable - and are quite a bit closer to me now.

Mitts and socks were knitted, and I gave away a lot of acrylic yarn to friends of my Mom who make afghans and other items for veterans and the homeless. I have lots more to share, too.

This evening, I was digging in the archives of my basement (stuff is stored in layers in some places), trying to thin the clutter, and I found a bag of mixed yarn that must have come from my aunt. The bag crumbled at my touch to cellophane crumbs - I'll have to vacuum later - but it contained some interesting items.

In among the "unknown fibre" acrylic-type yarns and knitting needles were two skeins of Patons & Baldwins "Atlantic" wool - manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. Pure wool - and still a brilliant scarlet. Each skein is "approximately 1 oz", or about 28 grams. It's old enough, though, that metric wasn't used very often. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but before I knit it up, I'll photograph the ball bands for posterity.

While searching on Google for any information on Patons & Baldwin and Atlantic wool, I discovered that my grandmother and great aunt's knitting books are now worth far more than they paid for them in the war years and before. Some of them, with cover prices under a dollar, are worth $20 or more now. Although I don't plan to sell the ones that I have, it's nice to know that they're still valued.

EastWind Pony Club is recruiting new members again. Four members remain from last year's membership. We have 2013 calendars for sale at $10 each, and are planning our meetings for the next four or five months. We're looking forward to Winter Camp at McSkimming, Quiz, and PPGs already! Based loosely in Casselman, we meet in East Ottawa, Casselman, Moose Creek or Plantagenet, depending on the plan for the meeting.

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Sneakers - 2006

Sneakers - 2006
The incredible Sneakypony!