Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sad days

This should be a happy day. It's not.

My mare, Sheba, had her foal yesterday. It's a filly, a sweet little thing, but she was born with a serious, uncorrectable birth defect: She has no eyes. Everything else is perfect - cute little ears, 4 sturdy legs, a curly mane and finely formed body, but she has no eyes. There may be tiny eyebuds deep in her eye sockets, but no eyes.

She has eye lashes and eyelids, but no eyes. The medical term for this is anophthalmia (no eyes) or microphthalmia (eyebuds of various sizes), and it's very, very rare in horses.

Since she could never be a productive horse - or even be turned out in a strange paddock with other horses - the vet recommends that she be put down. Since this is my daughter's foal from my horse, it's a tough decision that has to be made soon.

Baby is only a few hours old in these pictures.

Sheba is her mom. She's got a bell on her halter to help baby find her in the stall.

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vipervenum said...

Sneakpony: So sorry to hear about your foal, what are you going to do? Wish there was something I coulddo for you, if there is please let me know.

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Sneakers - 2006
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