Friday, June 29, 2007

June is almost over - where did the time go?

Time for an update.

Baby and Sheba have gone off to horse heaven where the grass is always green. We donated the foal's body to Kemptville College (associated with Guelph University) for research purposes, and the results are absolutely fascinating to the various pathologists.

Baby will be the basis for at least one thesis, several papers, and even more research. No one has ever seen a defect such as what was wrong with her eyes. Morbid it may sound, but I'm glad that Sheba's last foal, even though we couldn't keep her alive, will live on in the annals of veterinary medicine.

On to more pleasant things now. All the other horses, dogs, cats and birds are fine. Queenie and Shadow are heading off tomorrow to be bred to a couple of stallions in Smiths Falls. Hopefully, they'll give us some fine foals next year. We'll have to wait eleven months to find out, though.

The "rat bastards", to quote the Yarn Harlot, are thriving around my neighbourhood. One was lurking at the edge of my neighbour's fence, trying to look innocent.

The other was gathering pinecones under one of my trees.

We have black, grey and red squirrels, and even some really cute chipmunks.

Some of the neighbours think that they're all cute and feed them peanuts and sunflower seeds. I don't feed them, but I do share my dog's fur with all the birds and beasties in the neighbourhood. My dog sheds a lot of hair even though she's little - and she sheds it year-round.

The flowers are blooming in my yard and my neighbour's. I managed to get some good photos of my clematis and the other seasonal flowers over the last month. Bear with me as I show you.

That's enough for now. All that I've been knitting is dishcloths - I think I have 20+ now, some plain, others in various patterns. I'll put them all together and take a picture.

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Sneakers - 2006
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